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WB1110 Play Space Transportation Area Set

Play Space Transportation Area Set


SKU: WB1110

Need a flexible solution to corral the little ones? You'll love the whimsy and functionality of our Play Space Transportation Area Set. Design your own play space, then connect the panels together with our connectors and gate to make your little ones secure and visible. This full set shown consists of 1 each WB1114 Gate, WB1121 Train Panel, WB1122 Bus Panel, WB1124 Car Panel, WB1123 Tractor Panel, WB1125 Basic Panel, WB1116 Straight Connector Post and quantity 3 each WB1117 Corner Connector Post.  A complete toddler play space that's secure and fun! Ships by Truck from NH. GreenGuardâ„¢ Gold certified. Made in USA.  Lifetime Warranty.

Dimensions: 116"W x 78"D x 27"H


Care and Cleaning: 
Clean with mild soap and water. To safely disinfect, apply a solution of 1/4-teaspoon household bleach and 1 cup lukewarm water to surfaces, then wipe away or allow to air dry for at least two minutes.
Panel Material: 
Birch laminate