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Classic. Dramatic. Versatile. The Whitney White Wall System is our newest collection of purpose-built individual components that integrate seamlessly to create a clean, cohesive modular storage solution that adapts to any room environment and lends a striking contemporary design accent. The individual top and bottom cabinets fasten together securely [hardware not included] to enable unlimited configurable options that suit your specific room design requirement. Each cabinet is constructed in 3/4-inch thermofused white melamine -- even the back -- and edge-banded to complete a classic high quality finished look. All cabinet doors feature stylish brushed nickel handles, security locks and European soft-close hinges for convenience and safety. The complete collection includes:  WB0658 Whitney White Lockable Wall Storage Cabinet; WB0659 Whitney White Five Section Coat Locker; WB0660 Whitney White Cubby and Shelf Storage Cabinet; WB0661 Whitney White 12 Cubby Backpack Storage Cabinet; and WB0665 Whitney White Tall and Wide Wall Storage Cabinet [WB0676 Whitney White Kickboard base sold separately]. Installation dimensions will vary depending on actual customer configuration. Ships fully assembled by Truck. Made in the USA. GreenGuard™ Gold certified. Lifetime Warranty.


Cubby Storage

Front view of WB0809 Nine Cubby Storage and Teaching Center
WB0809 - $379.00
WB0909T Nine Tray Cubby Storage Cabinet. A Top 25 Best Seller!
WB0909T - $479.00
WB0912T 12 Tray Cubby Storage Cabinet. A Top 50 Best Seller!
WB0912T - $535.00
WB0915T 15 Tray Cubby Storage Cabinet. A Top 50 Best Seller!
WB0915T - $599.00
WB3251 Cubby Storage Cabinet With 20 Trays
WB3251 - $515.00
WB3252 20 Tray Fold and Roll Cabinet
WB3252 - $830.00
WB9972R Eight Cubby Backpack Storage Cabinet
WB9972R - $291.00
WB0358 Pyramid Storage Cabinet
WB0358 - $349.00
WB9982 12 Cubby Backpack Storage Cabinet
WB9982 - $345.00
CH1330S Whitney Plus Scandinavian Blue Cabinet
CH1330S - $318.00
CH1330G Whitney Plus Cabinet - Electric Lime
CH1330G - $318.00
CH1330O Whitney Plus Hot Pumpkin Cabinet
CH1330O - $318.00
CH1330N Whitney Plus Natural Birch Cabinet
CH1330N - $318.00
WB3225 Cubby Storage Cabinet With 25 Trays
WB3225 - $729.00
WB8301S Rainbow Storage Cabinet - Blue
WB8301S - $375.00
WB8303S Rainbow Tray Storage Cabinet - Blue
WB8303S - $459.00
WB8305S Rainbow Sturdy Storage Cabinet - Blue
WB8305S - $375.00
WB1564 Communication and Storage Center
WB1564 - $595.00
Mobile Lunch Box Back Pack Storage
WB1625 - $399.00
WB1671 10 Cubby Mobile Tray Storage Cabinet
WB1671 - $349.00
WB1672 10 Cubby Backpack Storage
WB1672 - $319.00
WB0660 - $375.00
WB0661 - $395.00
WB0670 - $2,595.00
WB1550 Hang On The Wall Cubby Storage
WB1550 - $225.00
WB3404 Toddler Eight Section Coat Locker With Trays
WB3404 - $365.00
Front view of WB1768 Magnetic Write and Wipe Mobile Cabinet
WB1768 - $399.00
WB1817 Rest Mat Storage Cabinet
WB1817 - $434.00