Nursery Room
- Assortment

Create an open, airy, and inviting nursery area in the daycare!  All pieces shown in this assortment are sold separately and connect without the use of unsightly plastic connectors to create a flexible layout that's beautiful and adapts easily to your changing layout needs. All corners and edges are rounded over and finished smooth for safety. Made in USA -- even the cribs! GreenGuard™ Gold certified. Lifetime Warranty.


WB9503 Infant Clear View Crib.  MSRP: $699 each.

WB0533 Floor Standing Acrylic Partition 48W.  MSRP:  $269 each.

WB4646 Hang On The Wall Diaper Storage.  MSRP:  $279 each.

WB5536 Adult Rocking Chair.  MSRP:  $369 each.

WB0648 EZ Step Up Toddler Changing Cabinet.  MSRP:  $799 each.

WB0517 Nature View Curved Divider Panel 24H.  MSRP:  $299 each.

WB0261 Nature View Divider Gate.  MSRP:  $429 each.

WB0437 Nature View Curve In Cabinet 24H.  MSRP:  $449 each.

WB0259 Nature View Divider Panel 24W.  MSRP:  $229 each.

WB0247 Nature View Acrylic Back Cabinet 24H.  $359 each.

Price as shown:  $5,108 / freight not included

Dimensions: 9999.00"W x 9999.00"D x 9999.00"H
Weight: 9999 lbs.
Number of Boxes: 12
Price: $5,108.00
Shipping Method UPS Ground
Ships Ready to Assemble.
Greenguard Gold Certified
Proudly Made in America